Coming out and being out during college was fairly simple, I told everyone I was bi, and if they didn’t believe it, they only had to watch who I dated for a few years to get the picture.  But I was also in a pretty liberal environment, and mostly hanging out with other queer folks. Most everyone had heard of bisexuality, and if they hadn’t, were willing to learn and got it pretty quickly.  It was a space where it was incredibly uncool to be intolerant of anyone.

Now, I am in the situation where I need to come out at work, and do a little more education/ explaining of my identity to many people.  I think most people at work either assume I am a lesbian or assume I am straight.  There’s a small few who have actually talked to me enough to know how I identify.  It feels harder to come out as bi in this situation, I feel like fewer people know what bisexuality is (espcially without all of the stereotypes that go into that) and everyone is more set in their ways.  I feel like if I were gay, it would be pretty easy to tell people that, and have them get it and be ok with it.  Also furstrating in a sillier way- there is no way for me to make myself “look bi”.  Suprisingly, there are not really any stereotypes about what a bisexual person looks like.  Short of wearing an obnoxious button everyday, its going to take considerable effort to actually feel out at work.



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