yup, that’s right, I openly admit to having my cake. . . and eating it too. hA!  maybe not, but I do identify openly as a bisexual person, and this is my blog about my life as a bisexual.  I plan to include thoughts on my own sexual orientation, as well as thoughts/ feelings on how others identify themselves, and probably some way-to-political ranting on community building and discrimination/ prejudice and oppression.

feel free to let me know exactly what you think, and I will do the same.



One Response to “About”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    You got a great website here, you had me hooked when I first noticed the BAG proclamation. As someone who is gay, I admit to having some biphobia. I’m not proud of it, and have tried to cease some of my prejudice. I think for anyone who is gay they feel rejected (whether justified or not) with certain bisexuals since being gay can put you out of step with society. I think it stems from normative vs non-normative sexuality. It’s sad though to face discrimination/prejudice from a group of people who have faced it on their own not realizing their intolerance might be just the same. Keep up the good work, it is needed.

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